Just imagine getting to the final stage of the recruitment process and you have not one but two fantastic candidates who would be perfect for the job. On the one hand this is great because you have been lucky enough to find two people who would fit the bill, but on the other hand, this can make your decision even harder.

Luckily, we have come up with some handy tips to help you make sure you are choosing the best candidate for the job.

What are their previous responsibilities?

Perhaps the two candidates have had very similar job roles but that doesn’t mean that their responsibilities align. Dig a little deeper than their job titles and look at how their daily duties can transfer into this new role. If the two candidates appear to be qualified to an equal level, it’s always worth asking for a portfolio of work if this is applicable to the candidate. Evidence of work might be make you lean to one candidate over the other so it’s definitely worth asking for. 

Do they fit in with the culture of the team?

Having a formal interview to see whether or not a candidate meets the requirements is important to discover whether they can execute the role well, but it’s not just about work performance. Being able to fit in with the rest of the team is a key factor for their overall success.

If both of your candidates have demonstrated that they are fully qualified and have the correct evidence to prove it, why not invite them both along to an informal taster morning where they can come in and meet the team, have a tour of the office and generally get to know the company a bit better. Meeting in a relaxed setting will help you discover a bit more about their personality and how they gel with other colleagues.

What is their commitment to the role?

Certain interview tactics are great for determining who fits the role best and a candidate’s commitment is of particular importance. Try asking them where they see themselves in 5 years time as this will help you to find out what their future plans are and whether they are serious about a career in this field.

You will also want to know how much the candidate knows about the company as research shows they are genuinely interested in the role and making a good impression. The candidate will not be expected to know the ins and outs of your brand but being able to talk about projects you’ve worked on, services you offer or companies you have worked with, for example, is sure to impress you. 

Do they have enthusiasm for the role?

An obvious point as you would expect any potential employee to have enthusiasm about a role, but when you look back at your interviews, who seemed the most engaged during the process? Which candidate asked the most questions regarding the role and who was focused on giving the most accurate and relevant answers to the questions you asked? These details will give you an idea of who wants the position more and who is the most memorable following the interview process.

What is the future of your company?

Hopefully the person you hire will stay with you for a significant amount of time so when hiring, you should look at your company’s future plans. If you have any skills gaps in your team and you are looking to branch out, it might be worth considering who out of the two candidates can match these skills. For example, one of them might be handy with social media which could be something you are looking for.

Although you are hiring in the here and now, it’s always a smart move to think about where your company is heading and how potential candidates can help steer your company in that direction.