Work benefits and perks come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most common can be anything from a pension scheme to a company car, and while these perks may seem cushy, you might want to look a little further than offering traditional benefits if you want to attract today’s generation… the millennials.

So, if you are on the hunt for top millennial talent, what should you be considering to make sure you secure the right person for the job?

1. A chance to learn and develop

Millennials are at the early stages of their careers and are keen to learn. Some may have just stepped out of university so a thirst for knowledge is still apparent. In this instance, it’s a good idea to offer training programmes, team building courses and promotions to attract the most ambitious candidates.

Giving candidates the opportunity to learn and develop within their roles and be recognised and rewarded for it instills a sense of purpose and growth. After all, not offering colleagues the chance to progress might give them a bad impression of your brand and it could make you look like you don’t value their hard work.

2. Socials and day trips

When it comes to millennials, no phrase is more fitting than ‘work hard, play hard’. That’s why social events are perfect for keeping your colleagues happy; not to mention they improve relationships between co-workers.

This is also great for promoting your business organically because you’ll struggle to find a millennial who doesn’t have a Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram account. Take your team out somewhere fun for the day or out in the evening for food and drinks and they are more than likely going to post about it on their social media profiles. They have a great time and your company gets instant exposure – win, win!

3. Flexi hours

Millennials are all about freedom and individualism so a standard 9-5 might not necessarily fit the bill. Introducing flexi time is a good way to allow colleagues the chance to manage their own schedule.

Flexi hours are beneficial for all colleagues but for millennials it provides them with a bit of independence and this can work wonders for their attitude and work ethic. Give them the opportunity to manage their time and workload early on in their careers and this will set them on the right path for the future.

4. Additional annual leave

Adventure and travel are a millennial’s dream, so offering a decent amount of annual leave is a good way to show candidates that you value a healthy work-life balance.

Some companies give employees their birthdays off as a goodwill gesture while other companies go above and beyond and allow their colleagues the chance to have as much annual leave as they wish. A certain level of trust is expected with this kind of perk but if tackled right, it can boost productivity. Give colleagues the chance to take responsibility of managing their own workload and they will more than likely have the motivation to earn their time off and not take advantage.

5. Health and wellbeing support

A healthy employee is a happy employee and this applies to colleagues of all ages. But, millennials are an extremely health conscious generation so offering perks which will help keep them physically and mentally healthy will no doubt leave a lasting positive impression.

A gym membership is a good way to attract millennials and encourage them that physical fitness is important. You could even arrange group gym sessions so the whole team can motivate each other.

It’s important to note that mental health awareness is just as vital as physical health so offering support for millennials who are suffering is a great way to show your compassion as an employer. The transition from university life to the big, wide world can be somewhat daunting and a company that shows support to candidates who are just starting out is a company that is sure to stand out in the crowd.


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