Staying organised in a fast-paced job can be challenging, even for the most efficient people. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed when you are faced with a sudden influx of customers, emails or situations to deal with, and we all have days where our productivity levels aren’t at their peak.

But there are ways to cope and we’ve got the answers right here.

Clear your inbox

Seems pretty obvious, but going through your inbox is not only beneficial for keeping on top of your workload, it’s also a very therapeutic process. Having a clogged up inbox can result in a clogged up mind and this can make focusing on work a real challenge.

Instead of trying to complete every task at once, deal with the emails that can be handled immediately to get them out of the way. Then, order your remaining emails in a priority list so you can identify which ones need to be seen to straight away and the ones that perhaps aren’t as urgent.

You might even want to set aside some time to respond to emails so it doesn’t take over your entire day. Give yourself a set of emails to go through and a timeframe to do it in and you won’t find it to be such a monotonous task.

The good old fashioned checklist is perfect in this scenario. There’s just something about ticking off a completed task that makes you feel relaxed and accomplished.

Keep your brain active with 20 minute tasks

Research has shown that working on tasks that last 20 minutes is not only great for keeping your mind active but also for challenging yourself and improving your concentration levels.

Spending too long on one task might make you lose motivation which will result in either the task not being completed or completed to a satisfactory standard. Working in short spurts will improve productivity and keep your mind stimulated. This is because you’re less likely to put off a task until later because you know you have to complete it before the time is up.

During this time you should refrain from speaking to anyone, checking your phone or reading your emails. Focus your mind on the task and give it your very best shot. You’re in competition with yourself so take this time to really push yourself.

Communicate regularly

An obvious point but an important one nonetheless. Whether you are managing a team or you are working within a team of people, effective communication is absolutely vital for productivity and progress.

Perhaps you need someone else to finish a task so you can move on with your part. Alternatively, you could be the person who someone is relying on to finish their part so it’s crucial you communicate from the get-go so everyone is aware of what they need to do and when they need to do it by.

Whether you’re managing a few colleagues or you’re in charge of a large group, communication is fundamental for ensuring you perform your job well and everyone in your team follows. Hold regular meetings with your colleagues and listen to them when they have any questions or queries to ensure that you are giving them the right support they need.

Clean your workspace

Similar to clearing your inbox, cleaning your workspace is important for freeing your mind. You can become easily distracted when you are buried underneath a stack of post-it notes and documents and this might make you feel like you are unable to keep on top of your workload.

It will actually feel good to scrunch up your old post-it notes and throw them in the bin and you can revert back to that trusted checklist we were talking about earlier as a way of acknowledging what you have completed.

Make sure all your daily items are readily accessible while items that aren’t used as frequently are stored away neatly. You may think this sounds basic but you’ll be surprised at how much this will improve your productivity if your desk is tidy.

Make to do lists

We’ve touched on post-it notes and checklists as a way of keeping on top of workloads, and what’s great is that this works in any industry. Whether you work in an industry where you do a lot of writing/admin tasks or you job is more practical, writing a to do list gives you the chance to work out the structure of your day.

You might have a general list of things you need to do that week and then smaller, more specific lists for tasks that need to be completed on certain days. Some tasks will take longer than others and some will be easier than others but if you’re someone whose workload is fairly demanding, a to do list is your bible.

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