Looking for a new job or recruiting the right staff to join your company can be a little tricky sometimes, which is why so many people choose recruitment companies to take the pressure off doing all the work themselves.

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter before or you want to find out a bit more about Time Recruitment, you’ve come to the right place because we have all the answers right here.

Join us as we give you an exclusive insight into life at Time Recruitment and why you should choose us to take that next step in your career.


1 – How does your recruitment process work and what makes it unique?

We try to keep it simple here at Time Recruitment. Our main goals are providing a quality service and building strong relationships with both our clients and candidates. We treat each situation as unique so our approach is personal and professional at all times.


2 – What’s your success rate?

We work to 3:1 and 2:1 fill ratio. Our aim is to supply quality candidates to clients, by listening to our clients’ needs and making sure we are matching correctly. We are passionate about finding the right people for the right jobs.


3 – How do you and the companies you work with collaborate effectively?

Communication is vital so we always make sure we have thorough client communication and review meetings. As previously mentioned, building strong relationships is key and retention is an important factor so our approach needs to reflect this.


4 – What advice would you give to someone who’s never used a recruiter before?

If you can find a good recruitment company like ourselves then it takes away all the hassle from sourcing candidates directly. If you are a client, we can listen to your needs and go out into a competitive market to find you quality candidates. We will screen, interview, match skills sets and competencies and check all applicants ensuring the candidate match is accurate. This will speed up the interview process and in turn, deliver a better quality recruitment process. Candidates should also use our service because we don’t like to be seen as job fillers, we want to actually listen to our candidates and what is most important to them and then place them into quality roles that they want.


5 – What’s a typical day like at Time Recruitment?

A typical day is very busy. There’s a lot of activity; our teams are focused, passionate and committed. We enjoy creating that sales vibe within the office.


6 – What can I expect in terms of your development and support?

We offer CV support, competency interview training and we instil confidence in our candidates in order for them to demonstrate their skills to the client at the interview stage. We also offer ongoing support and aftercare to both our candidates and clients.


7 – How long have you been recruiting in your specialist industries for?

We have been recruiting in our specialist industries since 2002 and our management team are highly experienced within their sectors.  


8 – What are the top 3 qualities you look for when recruiting for a new position?

The candidate obviously has to be the right fit. We also look for longevity and commitment levels.


9 – What happens if you can’t find someone a position? What are the next steps?

If we don’t currently have the right job roles we will go out into the marketplace to represent them to potential clients. We will aim to identify a minimum of 3 key clients we can introduce them to.


10 – Which is the hardest industry to recruit for and which is the easiest?

I think all industries have their pros and cons, we all have challenging roles within all sectors.


11 – What are the common challenges you face when working with employers/job seekers?

Candidate quality and candidate commitment. These are challenging factors because the marketplace is heavily recruiting, which is fantastic, but candidates and skill shortages do then take effect.


12 – What is your process for narrowing down candidates?

We will telephone screen all potential candidates, if suitable over the phone we will then fully register their details, interviewing the candidate on their skills and competencies.  We aim to answer the questions, “can they do the job?” but also “will they be suitable in that environment?”. Matching consists of personality profile fit, cultural fit and so on. Candidates are then shortlisted and sent over to the clients for an interview.


13 – How do you organise your candidate pool and what is your main form of communication?  

Our main form of communication is talking, the good old fashioned way by building strong personal relationships with our candidates. We have many candidates who come back to us again and again because of the relationships that are in place. We also understand that candidates can’t always answer their phones during working hours so we will communicate by other means. We are in a very digitally orientated world so reaching out to candidates via social media and other methods is key. We try to make it as easy as possible for our candidates, but not taking away that personal touch and offering our specialist knowledge to our candidates.


14 – What is the strongest part of your recruitment process?

Interviewing preparations, making sure that we are setting up our candidates for success and making sure the communication is thorough throughout the whole process. We have successful sectors across the board and work with a number of leading organisations and providers.


15 – Based on your knowledge of the industry, what changes do you think will occur in the next 5 years?

We are already in a candidate driven job market, the ball is in the candidates’ court and these guys are definitely in high demand. Companies will need to change and shift the way they recruit which will create a lot more graduate and trainee opportunities. We have already seen this shift take place over the last 2 years. Finding the right candidate will also mean we need to offer a more structured and detailed candidate experience.  Companies and agencies will need to stand out to draw new and raw talent, using the right technologies and communication channels.  


16 – How do you go about convincing a candidate about a job offer if they aren’t 100% sure?

Give them all the ins and outs of the company including culture, environment, opportunities to develop, training and success stories. We want to make sure that the candidate has all the relevant information they need before making their final decision. We are not here to shoe horn any candidates – if the candidate has already bought into the role and our relationship is set then the offer shouldn’t be an issue.


17 – What positions are the hardest to fill and how do you combat this?

Any in demand roles and in demand skills set are harder to work. We combat this with marketing the role correctly in the first place. We, as recruiters, are marketing agents and we have to really understand the finer detail about the role, the client, the opportunities, benefits and so on. We aim to make sure we are passing this knowledge onto our prospect candidates.


18 – How long does it typically take you to fill a position and how regular are the updates when going through this process?

It can range between 24 hours to one week depending on the role and level.


19 – What’s your favourite thing about your job?

That feeling of success when placing a candidate into their new career/job opportunity and having great feedback from candidates about how we have gone above and beyond is the best feeling! The same goes with our clients. We enjoy building strong relationships with our clients and discovering that they are happy with our consistent and quality approach.


20 – How are you hoping to expand in the future?

We are recruiting a number of roles due to major growth plans. We have just leased a 3rd floor in our building, which when refurbed will give 24 more desks to fill.