Engineering is an exciting sector and while we don’t doubt that your qualifications will set you in good stead to get the interview, there are a few skills expected of engineers you may not have considered.

But no worries – we are here to enlighten you so that when you get to the interview, you will be fully prepared and raring to go.

1) Confidence, not arrogance

You’ve done the maths and you know that you are most likely right, but it is important that you aren’t arrogant in your work. The difference between confidence and arrogance is simple: a confident engineer will have their work double-checked, even when they know it’s right; an arrogant engineer won’t.

2) Relish problem solving

As an engineer, most of your day will be about solving problems and if you like that sort of thing, then you will be in your element. Whether you are working in a team or going solo on a project, it is important that you make the most of all the skillsets around you to solve problems quickly. This comes back to being confident in the workplace – present your solution but then allow others to contribute their ideas to refine yours.

3) Presentation skills

Yes, the dreaded presentation. There are plenty of tips on how to make a good presentation (the University of Kent offers some helpful tips and Building Energy has tips for engineers) but the most important thing you need to remember as an engineer is to focus on showing your audience what you are talking about whether that means using photos, drawings or models. If you can point to something visual, it will be much easier to talk about.

4) Trust your instincts

Right now is a really exciting time to be an engineer. Engineering is one of those sectors that can suddenly change over a matter of days. This means that to keep up with the crowds, you should follow your instincts and pursue the things that matter to you. So, which job should you take? Which material should you choose? Is a new method better? Go with your gut (and maybe consult with your colleagues too!)

5) Talk to other engineers

Surprisingly, or rather unsurprisingly, talking to others in your sector is a really good way to build new contacts, develop ideas and know what is happening in the industry as a whole. There are so many different types of engineering that the bigger your little black book is, the more likely you are to strike upon that innovative idea everyone has been scrabbling about for for weeks. Besides, that contact could be your teammate in the future…


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