Construction is absolutely booming in the UK! Worth a massive £160 billion annually to the economy (double the value since 2000), the industry has never been healthier. And with Britain’s famously growing population, every year brings greater demand for new houses, offices, and infrastructure, as well as endless need for repair and maintenance work. So you’ll be happy to know that recruitment for construction jobs has never been higher. Even better, work within the industry is plentiful, varied, and highly paid, meaning it can be easy to find a career that will keep you happy (as well as financially secure).


The top seven reasons why you need a career in construction:


1.Top-notch pay

Construction output in Great Britain supports nearly 300,000 firms nationwide, who together employ well over 2 million people. The UK government has also pledged to create 3 million apprenticeships by 2020, including many for the building and construction sector. Yet demand is so high that over 60% of construction firms report that they still struggle to find workers, meaning there is white-hot recruitment for highly skilled and experienced tradesmen. Such a skills shortage in this fast-paced and growing industry brings amazing opportunities for both beginners and qualified professionals. Quite simply, this means the pay is great. The average salary for construction jobs is £37,500, rising to £57,500 for senior appointments (compare this to the national average salary of £27,271).


2. Jobs for everyone

Mention construction and many people will simply think of builders, yet the industry is widely diverse and adaptable with many specialised roles. For example, some of the most popular construction positions include: architects, construction supervisors, civil engineers, electricians, heavy equipment operators, and planners. Work opportunities can be found in both cities and rural areas, and involve everything from individual bespoke house building, to megaprojects such as railways or nuclear power stations. Whether you want to get your hands dirty or not, there is likely to be a perfect job that matches your skills, experience, and interests.


3. Work that matters

Construction is one of the few industries that makes a crucial difference to our daily lives. Not only does the sector contribute to the economy, creating jobs and wealth, it also makes a positive impact on the world around us. From shopping malls, business parks and skyscrapers, to hospitals, schools and airports, construction workers literally shape the society we all live within. This makes the work rewarding, knowing that you personally have physically changed the world, improved lives, and left a legacy for the next generation to admire.


4. Collaborate with a team

Construction teams consist of many different occupations, involving architects, engineers, owners and investors, as well as contractors and subcontractors. The knowledge, experience, and effort from a diverse range of people must be pooled to tackle everyday challenges on a building site. The pleasure of working in a team is therefore one of the highlights of this career: solving problems together, overcoming obstacles and sharing the rewards of your group labour. This is how strong relationships are forged, and many construction workers often enjoy the social life and friendships they make which can extend beyond the job.


5. A lifelong career

As one of society’s essential occupations, you can rely on the construction sector being around for your whole career, allowing you to build on experience and qualifications to progress into higher positions. Today’s foreman can advance to be tomorrow’s superintendent, project manager, or construction manager. Ongoing education is also possible, and many skills are transferable from one position to another. Recruitment agencies can help you seize opportunities within different fields of construction, from health and safety, engineering and training, to even striking out and starting your own contractor business.


6. Satisfaction guaranteed

Many people love seeing the immediate result of taking tool in hand and making a direct impact on the world. Construction workers especially can take great pride in creating landmarks and infrastructure that will last for generations. The progress they make each day in construction, no matter how small, is often measurable and physically visible, culminating in a new building that wasn’t there before. No wonder that anonymous job surveys often show that construction and facility service workers are the happiest of all employees.


7. Never a dull day

It might sound like a cliché, but no two days are the same. Different construction projects can introduce you to new skills, dynamic new technologies (e.g., drones and virtual reality), with challenges that require fresh perspectives and daily innovation. Since the sector is so widespread, there are also many opportunities for travel and relocation. Construction skills are in demand globally, meaning recruitment agencies can place construction workers on prominent projects across the world. With such a versatile array of exciting projects large and small, national and international, you never know where you might end up next!