Often times, the hardest part of getting a new job is actually securing an interview with a company you are passionate about working for. What this means is that, once you do land those ideal interviews, you need to be doing everything right to help make sure you get the role. So, to help you out, and to make sure you don’t waste any opportunities that come your way, here are the seven ultimate interview tips you need to be following each and every time.

1. Showcase your talents

Ultimately, the interview process offers the chance for employers to fully understand your skill set and to decide whether or not you are best for the role. As such, you should be conscious of highlighting everything that you have accomplished and are able to do. When you are asked questions to demonstrate your skills, be as forthright as possible and use plenty of examples. Rather than saying you are a good leader, provide an example of when you displayed leadership qualities in a given role. To help make sure you showcase all of your talents, you should write them out before the interview and go over everything you need to say.

2. Practice, practice, practice

Practice is crucial when it comes to interviews. You need to practice all aspects of the interview, including what you would say when asked to give examples of what you have done in the past. You should write up a number of questions that you know you are likely to get asked, and then get friends or relatives to quiz you on them. As an added tip, whenever you practice answering questions, do so in the same manner as you would with the recruiter. For example, maintain strong eye contact and a confident posture.

3. Turn up early on the day

It almost goes without saying but, the worst thing you could do is to turn up late to an interview. You should aim to get to the interview at least 15-30 minutes before you need to be there. That way, you have plenty of time to spare in case there is any sort of hold up on the way. Also, it helps for you to mentally prepare yourself and enter the interview feeling relaxed and calm. Finally, it leaves a great first impression on the employer, as punctuality is a desirable trait in all candidates.

4. Focus on remaining calm at all times

If you have properly prepared for the interview, then there is no reason for you to be nervous on the day. However, it is natural to feel a little tense or nervous as, after all, you do want the job. Just remember that the recruiter will be assessing all aspects of your performance and will be more interested in hiring someone who is calm and confident. So, try to focus on how you come across verbally and physically. Your body language will say a lot about how calm and confident you appear.

5. Be prepared well in advance

There are a number of things you need to do in order to get ready for your interview. This includes things like preparing questions you will need to answer; having questions to ask the recruiter; and knowing what you will be wearing. Regardless of what the task is, make sure you have prepared it as far in advance as possible and will not be left until the last minute. Try to plan the day as much as possible, like how you will be getting to the interview and checking for any expected delays along your route.

6. Thoroughly research the company

Working for any company means being passionate, not just about the role, but also about the company itself. Researching the company thoroughly will have the benefit of helping you to decide whether or not it is the sort of business you believe in and would support. Also, knowing as much as possible will help you to tailor any responses you give. You can focus your responses around things you know the company wants to hear. You can also relate your particular skills to how you can help the company achieve any missions it has.

7. Follow up politely

It is good custom and a smart idea to send a follow-up email to the recruiter up to 24 hours after the interview. Keep it brief and polite and thank them for taking the time to meet with you. You can include any further points you might have missed out or remind them of why you would be perfect for the role. Don’t be pushy, but at the same time, recruiters will respect you for taking the initiative and trying to succeed.

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