Whether you’re on-site or in the office, from healthcare roles to commercial positions, the digital world is more pervasive than ever when it comes to the skills we need to effectively complete our jobs. So when you’re looking for a new role in just about any field, a good understanding of the digital world and the skills involved is a must to be able to prove yourself a competent and effective employee. Here are a few ways in which digital savvy is a must for employers:

Digital communication

With even phone calls becoming the less prevalent form of communication, those still writing letters stand no chance in comparison to digital-savvy potential employees who understand the importance of digital communication. Emails are the forefront of just about any business, and understanding not only how to use the program at a basic level, but knowing the best way of writing for an industry and the tone of voice you should use are all important factors when it comes to digital communication.

This applies to instant messaging in the same way it does email. Whether access from a smartphone on-site or for information transfer between desks or offices, instant messaging for businesses is bigger than ever and allows for the increased productivity of staff around the world. A good understanding of how to use instant messaging as well as emails is essential for anyone looking to enter into a role, whether entry-level or not. IMs can hugely impact the amount of work completed in a day, and provide a way for employees to connect without the need to get up and find a person.

Most employers will be looking for these skills as a basic requirement for any role.

Social media management

Social media management doesn’t just apply to those in marketing-centric roles anymore. Though those kinds of roles will be the ones in charge of official channels and the control of what is in the public eye, some businesses expect those working for them to be active on platforms such as LinkedIn in the promotion of their employer. Of course, this mostly applies to sales roles, but one principle that carries over to all staff is that when it comes to social media, what’s public is what can impact the place you work for.

If you don’t have a social media account, no problem; but if you do have a public account, it’s important that you have the savvy to understand what is and what isn’t appropriate in the world of the workplace – and the fact that, these days, many employers or recruitment agencies will check out what your social media says about you before you even have your first interview. Keeping your social media clean and friendly is another indicator that you have the savvy required to work in a digital world.

Research and development

With the internet used every day in practically every business, being able to use online resources for your gain is another savvy skill that’s a must for many employers. Whether it’s simply knowing how to research information and ideas through online searches and collation of information, or even using online tutorials and videos to learn how to do something new or improve your skills, learning and development is just another way you can show how you’re digitally capable.

Being able to use the internet for your own means is of great benefit to you, too – as it can allow you to take courses, develop skills and evolve talents that can then be used in the interview process. If you can use your digital skills to further a prospective company or improve how well you can do your job, this is obviously a massive bonus to interviewers and potential employers, showing your willingness to learn and develop in your own time.

Online collaboration

From platforms like DropBox to services like Google Drive, being able to collaborate with other workers who could be sat next door to you or on the other side of the planet requires the use of collaborative programmes and management to improve efficiency – and these tools are regularly used in many workplaces as ways to allow multiple people to collaborate and work together on projects.

Being able to use software such as Office can carry over to these kinds of platforms, and employers will often look for those with skills in not just basic word processing but acting in more collaborative and complex projects, especially if this is part of your future job description. Being able to do all this in a digital field makes you a futureproof choice and a good fit for many businesses that require digital savvy employees.

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