Company culture is incredibly important and is something that every business should take seriously. Without it you are potentially damaging your company’s identity and creating a bad image for yourself and your brand.

In short, it’s the one thing that can truly set you aside from your competitors.

So what is company culture?  

Company culture is the way your company interacts with others within the industry as well as with your clients. This kind of interaction defines your brand, and the types of relationships you build from your values and beliefs will determine how your customers perceive you.

Having a great company culture is a really good way to motivate your team which will lead to better performances. These improved performances will result in a happier working environment and a greater chance for success – after all, a negative working environment can leave people feeling distracted and unable to focus on the task at hand.

Trust in the workplace

The main focus of a lot of companies lies in numbers and targets. However, the real success of a company goes far beyond simply making a sale. It’s not that sales aren’t important, but company culture is less about the ability of the brand and its employees and more about human interaction.

Employees want to feel like their contribution is valued by the company, no matter how big or small the business is. This kind of appreciation for your employees will raise a higher morale and employees will feel a positive attitude towards the company.

Trust between you and your employees will certainly make them loyal to the organisation and worker turnover will likely slow down. This can actually cost a business a hefty fee as recruitment and training will increase. Having a good company culture will help to retain valuable employees and reduce the risk of extra costs.

Maintain a solid reputation

If a company has a good reputation based on a solid foundation of culture, trust and great relationships, the company will automatically be seen as an influential and respected business – this could even attract the attention of other clients and a wider online and offline presence.

It also means that you are in a better position to charge a higher price for services and products to make a suitable profit. If you are a reputable company that highlights the importance of company culture in the workplace, people will want to work with you.

Listen to your employees

In today’s society, millennials have grown up in a modern business world where technology advances quicker than you can blink. A job these days means much more than just a place to work for a number of years and this generation of employees are interested in company values, culture and the community of a workplace.

A workspace has to be a place colleagues want to come to everyday, a place that colleagues feel comfortable in and a place that feeds their determination and motivation. This can easily be figured out by simply asking your colleagues what they value about their job. Once a colleague feels like they are a valuable member of the team, their productivity will soar and the financial aspect of the company will blossom.

Our top 4 reasons for strong company culture

– Expressing a good company culture and acting on it can improve communication dramatically in the workplace which will help to reach targets and drive sales.

– Having a strong sense of identity based on your company culture will get you noticed across a variety of social platforms.

– Less internal politics in the office will lead to fewer disagreements and decision-making will be much more efficient.

– Working with people who have the same values and beliefs as you will not only improve productivity but also, you will get to work in an environment with people who you are going to get along with.

Having a mission statement is a great idea for highlighting your company culture to customers and job seekers who are seeking employment with you. By addressing what’s important in your company and leading by example, you are showing that you are serious about the way you treat your colleagues and clients.

In addition, it’s also handy to get your employees talking. As previously discussed, getting your team to talk about what they value about your job and what they enjoy about coming to work will help you to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. It will also give you the chance to see how your team gels with one another during group projects or through a decision-making process.

Understanding colleagues’ personal circumstances is another essential aspect. Not everyone can come in early and stay late everyday and there will be times when people don’t feel 100%. Don’t be dismissive about these situations – instead, speak with your employees, address the situation and come up with an effective solution to show that you are approachable and sympathetic.

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