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£30000 - £37500 per annum

Full Time

Birmingham,West Midlands

£43000 - £48000 per annum + Car Allowance, Holidays and Pension.

Full Time

Colwyn Bay,Wales

Up to £24000 per annum

Full Time

Manchester,North West

£23000 - £28000 per annum

Full Time

High Peak,East Anglia

£27500 - £30000 per annum

Full Time

Sale,North West

£25000 - £30000 per annum + 65000 OTE

Full Time

Leigh,North West

£25000 - £30000 per annum

Full Time

Hindley,North West

£25000 - £30000 per annum + 65000 OTE

Full Time

Chorley,North West

£25000 - £30000 per annum + 65000 OTE

Full Time

Bolton,North West

Up to £25000 per annum + 35000

Full Time

Bury,North West

£23500 - £25500 per annum + 40k OTE

Full Time

Horwich,North West

£20000 - £30000 per annum + 45000

Full Time

Southport,North West


February 20, 2018

4 tips for making your job adverts gender neutral

The Equality Act, which became law in October 2010, states that it is unlawful to discriminate against people at work because of nine key areas: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnerships, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. The aim of this act is to improve equal job opportunities and promote fairness in the workplace.



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The service provided by Michael has been truly exceptional. He has provided me with fantastic coaching and guidance which has helped me tremendously in my professional career.


Thank you so much Michael, words are not enough to describe this feeling, and its all because of your help and drive to do the best for me.

Once again thank you.


Jena UK Ltd use Time Recruitment as their preferred agency and has done so on a day to day basis for the past 5 years.

Time Recruitment has always been on hand to assist us providing anything from one to fifteen agency workers per day over various shifts.

The staff provided is always to an excellent standard and the service from them has always been efficient and professional throughout our trade history.

If you are company looking for an agency to provide an excellent service at very competitive prices I would call Time Recruitment Solutions Ltd.

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I have found Time Recruitment to be one of the best agencies around. The recruitment consultant I work with is professional and has built a good working relationship with me. This means I receive the level of assistance I need to fill my vacancies. I feel the agency treats each Candidate as an individual and therefore introduces the right type of person to me. I would recommend their services to any company seeking to recruit.

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