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Up to £17 per hour + + Paid Breaks

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Up to £17.00 per hour + + Paid Breaks

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St. Helens,North West


5 October 2020

How to build a future-proof engineering team

For many years in tech, companies have encouraged employees to bring their home life to work. In the face of COVID-19 and an emerging new remote workforce, companies and leaders are being challenged to do the opposite — bring work and team culture, home.

As we enter this new era, it’s critical to build teams that encourage inclusion, community, and empathy.

Some leaders are struggling to answer these questions: how do you foster a team environment when you’re miles apart? When conversations at the water cooler and in-person brainstorm sessions can evolve into big company objectives, how do you find opportunities to collaborate and encourage out-of-the box ideas? And as a manager, how do you discover new ways to hire diverse and scalable teams?


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    I was supported in getting a job through time recruitment. From the onset, Sarah was very professional, she understood what I was looking for and she worked towards finding that particular role. However, when roles came up that match my qualifications, Sarah would be in regular contact to ask my opinion, but her focus was to ensure she gets me the role I was after, which she did.
    So thank you Sarah for your honesty, your support and level of professionalism.
    There will be no Time recruitment without you.

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    Excellent all round service. I have secured 2 positions with the help of Matt from TRS ltd. I’ve been kept up to date in every aspect of the recruitment process, communication being key. Interviews sourced, arranged, liaised with potential employers and even actioned references. Go ahead you’ve got nothing to loose.

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    Matthew has been supportive and helpful throughout the process of my deciding to change jobs. This process has taken me nearly a year to commit to but he has been patient and has sent me jobs aligned with what he thinks I want to change about my professional life and now I have taken the plunge and am starting in a whole new area of nursing.

    The service has been personal and he has been easy to contact by phone, email and visiting the office in person. I would recommend others to use Time Recruitment where Matthew is the healthcare specialist.

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